Fairbanks Office

Mistie Gibson


I am a wife and mother of three children. I also have a very cuddly kitty and adorable Shar Pei. I love spending time with my family and exploring the beauty of Alaska has to offer. I moved to Fairbanks in 2019. Before that, I spent a little over a decade in Anchorage. I was born & raised in a small town in South Dakota. I was raised in a close-knit family. As kids, we spent time exploring the outdoors on the farm where we spent some of our childhood.​My life’s passion is helping those with developmental disabilities and seniors. I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years, mostly in senior care. I operated and managed my own ALH when I lived in South Dakota, where I was able to evolve my skills as a Care Coordinator. I enjoy providing support for those in need. There is no better reward than going home knowing that I’ve made an impact on someone’s life. Providing compassionate, quality in-home care is my ultimate goal for our clients. TLC is here to provide skilled, compassionate, and trustworthy care to seniors and others in need in Fairbanks and the surrounding area. It would be an honor to meet with you and your loved ones to discuss their care needs. We hope to hear from you!! #IAMTEAMPURPLE

Megan Scraper


Hi, my name is Megan Scraper, and I will be a Fairbanks resident as of September 2022. My family and I have fallen in love with the area and hope to keep it as our home for many years to come. I am a mother of two wonderful girls that my husband and I are trying to survive raising. I have a background in child care and customer service and have happily filled the role of caregiver coordinator since the beginning of February 2023. I am looking forward to a long and fulfilling career working with the clients and families of our community. #IAMTEAMPURPLE

Ritchel Camacho


I’m Ritchel, a passionate foodie and an avid traveler who finds solace in exploring culinary delights and connecting with nature. Being a proud solo parent and a devoted volunteer at WEAVERS, a nonprofit women’s group, has further shaped my journey.

I thrive on challenges and consider myself a proactive self-starter. I thrive in fast-paced environments under pressure, and I strongly believe in the power of teamwork. I am taking the initiative to ensure tasks are completed promptly and in accordance with the company’s high standards.

In my professional background, I spent four years as a Software Quality Analyst before transitioning to a role as an Executive Administrative Assistant for the past seven years. Currently, at TLC Care Services, I have the privilege of working directly with executives, assisting offices in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, and overseeing the remarkable Ninja team.

TLC Care Services has provided me with invaluable opportunities to hone my skills, acquire practical knowledge, and gain hands-on experience. One aspect I absolutely adore about this company is its celebration of diversity. Embracing individuals with various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences is the key to fostering an open-minded and inclusive environment, which is truly remarkable.

Being part of this amazing team at TLC Care Services fills me with a deep sense of honor and gratitude. I invite you to join me proudly in celebrating our collective spirit with the chants!


Kurt Christian Benaning


As a twenty-three-year-old young adult, I am passionate about everything I do and every job I take. I experienced many things, any bad and good. And I thank God for those life encounters as they taught me to be strong and fight. Working in this company taught me how important it is to be patient and kind to every person. And knowing that we are helping people in need is a fulfilling job and a humble experience. It fills me with pride to be part of this team! #IamTeamNinja #TEAMPURPLE

Kim Charl Patoc


I’m Kim, a Virtual Assistant skilled in lead generation, social media management, and job portal specialization. I have two years of experience in honing these skills. I’m proficient in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, creating and executing strategies for engagement and growth. I’m also familiar with job posting websites and recruitment platforms, able to write compelling job descriptions and screen potential candidates. I take pride in delivering high-quality work, am organized and detail-oriented, and possess excellent communication skills. #IamTeamNinja #TEAMPURPLE

Merry Surialyn Panerio


My name is Merry and my coworkers call me that because it best describes my personality, since I’m a cheerful person. I work as a virtual lead specialist, assisting the client care coordinator in gathering potential prospect information so that caregivers will be given more opportunities. I help TLC and Denali Care Services with marketing and social media management by creating brochures and other materials, as well as posting content about our services and caregiver motivations on various social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok). TLC and Denali Care Services have been a blessing to me since I am the sole provider for my two children; they allow me to work from home while keeping an eye on them. I enjoy baking as a hobby, and my family enjoys my cakes, so I have an online cake business. My job is teaching me how to be more skilled and goal-oriented. I feel grateful to be a part of such an incredible team! #IamTeamNinja #TEAMPURPLE